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About company

Organic foods are grown with love

“SVITOVID TRADE COMPANY” was founded in the territory of Ukraine in 2012. Our company is specialized in purchase, preliminary preparation, purification, wholesale and export of organic food products: walnuts, pepitas, haricots, cherries and apples.

Business activity of the company is based on processing of the primary products bought from citizens with a help of modern European technologies. In our work, we use modern equipment and handwork, that significantly increase the quality indicators of the finished products.

On the company’s disposal, the modern productive capacities are as follows:

  • cleaving machines;
  • separating machines;
  • workshop premises of specified standards;
  • department of product packaging and sales.

The staff of the company consists of skilled professionals exclusively: Packaging and Sales Department – 24 people, Handwork Department – 148 people. All production facilities and equipment of the company comply with primary European standards and requirements of sanitary and hygiene, and ecological clearness of the production, which are confirmed by proper international certificates.

Purchase of primary products

Today we established successful work in specialized points for collecting and buying of primary products from citizens. New points of buying are opening permanently in different regions of our country to the extent of the dynamic development of the company. The wholesale of the primary products are bought in values from 1 tonnes.

Processing of nuts, haricots, fruits

At the initial stage, we buy unprepared primary products, which undergo mandatory primary purification of debris and dirt, for further use. The employees sort them both manually and with a help of special technical complexes. In order to increase and preserve natural qualities of the products, we carry out mandatory equipment drying of nuts with preservation of humidity till 7%. Seeds and haricots are purified of debris and are prepared for realization in accordance with the customer needs. Sorted and processed products are packed by environmental friendly clear packaging (polyethylene, carton boxes etc.).

Export of the products

After the thorough processing, we send for export to our customers from Europe and near-abroad countries the prepared and qualitatively packed goods. Our organic products conform to international quality certificate of European standard UNECE DDP – 02. The goods are being sold by wholesale in value of 1 tonne. “SVITOVID TRADE COMPANY” provides rapid abroad transportation of the products by transportation companies, having all the necessary documents and quality certificates.

Applications for purchase/sale of primary products and ready products, you can send by means of e-form or at the postal address of the company, or contact to representatives of our company by the information stated on the web-site directly.

Svitovid – always natural products!

Our advantages
Gentle care

All products are grown in the fertile lands


We care about the benefits of each product

Gathered WITH LOVE

Collected and processed by human hands with love


Our products are environmentally friendly


We offer a wide range of products


cooperation transparency

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