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Organic foods are grown with love

Beans is a natural product being gently grown in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine. The dried clean Beans is rightfully regarded as one of the best and biggest source of protein for human body. Consumption of the beans is recommended by leading dietarians of the world. Among priceless characteristics of this product can be highlighted easy digestibility and very low calories. At that, the Beans contains huge amount of useful substances and vitamins.

Among the large number of varieties and species of the beans, the most popular for consumption are the following:

  • red beans;
  • white beans;
  • climbing beans.

All the enumerated species of the beans are available for wholesale export in “Svitovid Trade Company”.

Purchase of beans within territory of Ukraine

Our company is a wholesale and retail buyer of different varieties of Beanss from citizens, agricultural companies, farm enterprises and private agricultural holdings. Currently, points for Beans acceptance work simultaneously in several regions of the country. We buy this product of different species at favorable prices for further processing and sale abroad.

Processing of beans

The bought beans independently of species undergoes obligatory careful processing in company “Svitovid”. The company uses handwork of specialists and machinery equipment for cleaning the bean cultures from dirt and debris. The beans also undergoes stages of drying and sorting. The prepared products are packed in polypropylene sacks with weight of 25 kg or 50 kg. 

Sale of beans for export

Ready dried Beans is exported for wholesale to European countries. Among our buyers are supermarkets, grocery, agricultural stores, cookery industry companies, restaurants, as well as true gourmands, who constitute their diet exclusively from healthy and safe organic products. This Beans completely suits for consumption, corresponds to higher European standards of quality and ecological cleanness.


For sale and purchase of the beans, you should contact to representatives of the company by the stated contact information.

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