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Pumpkin seeds

Organic foods are grown with love

Pumpkin seeds are rich for useful substances products that presented in human diet for a long time. Pepitas are the source of amino acids, vitamins of group A, B, C, D, E, K and are filled with plant fatty acids and minerals. The pumpkin seeds successfully replace animal fats, are an integral part of vegetarian and rawatarian diets.

Consumption of pepitas, as well as pumpkin seeds oil, contributes in supporting of beauty and healthiness. The pumpkin seeds and oil are rich with zinc and other minerals that are the basis of supporting of health and beautiful hairs, nails, skin.

In the territory of Ukraine, different varieties of pumpkin, of which we obtain seeds for further processing and sale, are grown. The moderate climate of Ukraine contributes in growing and gathering of cucurbits at ecologically clean environment. Widespread varieties of pumpkin of which we receive the seeds, are:

  • Ukrainian Multiple;
  • Giant;
  • Volga;
  • Ukrainian Grey;
  • Bulgarian and other.

 Purchase of pepitas

“Svitovid” company buys pumpkin seeds of different varieties from citizens, agricultural companies, private agricultural holdings and farm enterprises. The seeds are purchased at wholesale and retail at profitable price for seller. The seeds can be purchased in special points of acceptance of primary materials of the company that are located in different parts of Ukraine.

 Export of pepitas abroad

“Svitovid Trade Company” company gently sorts and cleans of dirt the seeds. The seeds are dried till they are ready for consumption and then prepared for export from Ukraine to European countries. In the final phase, pumpkin seeds are packed at ecologically clean tare and are sent by wholesale deliveries to customer address.

Huge consignments of pumpkin seeds are available for purchase. Among our customers are foreign companies on manufacturing of oil, dry mixtures, supermarkets, restaurants, companies of agrarian area, farming enterprises.

In order to place an order for a large delivery of pepitas at affordable prices, contact with representatives of the company at stated contact information. All the products of our company have certificates of higher European quality and all the necessary documents for sure.

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