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Organic foods are grown with love

Cherry fruits are natural and beneficial product that is used for food as delicacies, desserts and which is actively utilized in cookery industry and for medical purposes. Different cherry varieties, of which more than 60 main varieties are counted in the world, contain a huge amount of nutrients and vitamins. There are different amino acids, pectic substances, vitamins of A, C, E, B, P groups and folic acids are concentrated in the fruits of this berry.

The cherries being collected in different parts of Ukraine are classified at bigger and smaller types which are belonged to light and black cherries. All of them have a delectable flavor and set of necessary nutrients. This product is very popular in preparation of different dishes as food additives, in preparation of fruit puree and juices, liquors, compotes and jams. Besides, the company sells cherries for freezing.

Purchase of cherries

“Svitivid Trade Company” fulfils wholesale and retail buying of cherries in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine. Points of acceptance of fruit primary products are located in different regions of the country. We buy cherries of different types and sizes in large amount for subsequent processing at the plant. The ready product is intended for further realization in internal market.

The cherries bought from citizens, farm enterprises, garden owners, agricultural companies, private agricultural holdings etc. We offer favorable prices for wholesale and retail sellers.

Sale of cherries in Ukraine

Processed primary products from cherry fruits in appropriate for customers view are forwarded for further processing to Ukrainian buyers. “Svitovid Trade Company” is a large wholesale supplier of the cherries to manufacturing companies. We work closely with canning factories for manufacturing of concentrates, morses (fruit-drinks) and juices. The company delivers the product quickly and realizes the goods with all the necessary documents. The natural fruit primary products have certificates of conformity to Ukrainian standards and quality characteristics, guaranteedly.

For sale and wholesale purchase of the cherries you should contact to managers of “Svitovid Trade Company” company, who will immediately accept an order and process the accepted request as soon as possible.


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