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Extra halves

Organic foods are grown with love

Our company buys, processes and wholesales halves of walnuts of extra color. The extra walnut halves is natural, ecologically clean product which is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and vegetable proteins. The nuts are grown and collected in the territory of Ukraine and bought from citizens in specialized points opened within the whole country.

We offer to buy extra walnut halves by wholesale consignments for export for eating and further processing. Also, thanks to its aesthetic characteristics (beautiful form and pleasant golden color) extra walnut halves is actively used in cookery, in the process of preparation of different dishes, salads (fruit or vegetable). Different desserts, salads (fruitcakes, cakes, breads, pancakes and other baked goods) became testier, advantageous and get more elegant appearance while are added with this ingredient. Due to its high caloric value, the nut brings satiety to vegetarian dishes.

Company “Svitovid Trade Company” carefully purifies nuts of dirt, sorts them by color and size and then fills them with ecologically clean package – boxes of cardboard by 10 kg covered with parchment greaseproof paper. In the boxes, the nuts can be packaged with open view or filled additionally to vacuum packages by 5 kg each.

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