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Black walnut

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Ecologically clean, dried the black walnut has a prominent taste, differs with large concentration of vitamins and vegetable protein. There is a mistaken opinion that black walnuts are defected products. However, it is wrong opinion. As phytosanitary experts affirm, the black walnut does not vary from light walnut at its miscellaneous impact to human body.

This product contains vitamins of В, С, РР groups, as well as A and E vitamins, thus it helps to strengthen vessels, healthful at diabetics, avitaminosis, anemia and sclerosis. Besides, the nuts include many healthful microelements such as iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, cobalt, manganese etc.

In cookery industry, the black nut is used for pushing and receipt of nut oil. Accepted by pressing the walnut oil is rich for fatty acids and is a valuable dietary product.

We sell the black walnut by wholesale batches from 1 tonne, in boxes of cardboard by 10 kg or by vacuum packages by 5 kg filled in cardboard boxes. It can have solid or milled structure. The nut is carefully purified and sorted by means of equipment and employees of “Svitovid Trade Company”.

We offer to buy walnut black at profitable and affordable prices. Export of the products is accompanied by certificates of European quality necessary for transport documents. For ordering, consignments of mixes of nuts of different varieties are also available.

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