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Amber halves

Organic foods are grown with love

We offer for wholesale the walnut in amber halves. This collected beneficial organic product is grown in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine and carefully processed by employees of company “Svitovid”. It is used not only as gastronomic delicacies but also as effective medical agent for fight with many diseases.

The Amber walnut halves  remind butterfly with open wings in its form which caused the acceptance of such associated name. The nut of such form passes the process of careful purification and processing.

Careful purification of the nuts is fulfilled for 99.9% in special conditions and with use of modern equipment and further drying to optimal level of humidity (approximately to 7%). After these, the products are packaged in ecologically clean tares and are ready for sending to seller. Amber nut halves is intended for export to Europe and CIS countries.

The goods are sold in polyethylene vacuum package (at 5 kg) or cardboard boxes with parchment greaseproof paper. Each box has its weight of 10 kg. Export of the nuts is performed with all the transport documentation and certificates of quality. The products conform reliably to the higher European standard of quality (UNECE DDP – 02).

Also, at customer’s wish, the package can contain mix of nut halves in the chosen proportion.

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