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Organic foods are grown with love

Natural apples of best species are testy and healthy product of organic origin, which is widely used in cookery, food industry and simply for consumption all around the world. The processed apples are used for preparation of juices, puree, dried fruits. From apple primary materials, there are frequently made concentrates, favor additives, and also they are utilized for preparation of national dishes.

In gardens within the territory of Ukraine in ecologically clean environment, summer, autumn and winter species of apples are grown. Depending on species, the apples can have different taste, color and size.  

Most popular apple species, which are grown in Ukraine, are:

  • summer: Melba, Papirovka, Grushowka, Quinti, Mantet;
  • autumn: Antonovka, McIntosh, Spartan, Glory;
  • winter: Golden, Lungwort, Richard, Kutuzovets, Synap.

Depending on season, “Svitovid Trade Company” wholesales different species of apples for clients in internal market. All organic fruit products are certified and strictly correspond to national standards of quality.

Purchase of apples

Our company fulfills wholesale and retail purchase of apples of different species for further plant processing. The apples are purchased in value of 1 tonne. The purchase is held in the points of acceptance of fruit primary materials located in the regions of the country. We always offer beneficial prices according to quality of the bought product. Company “Svitovid” buys apples from agricultural companies, agricultural holdings, farms, owners of large apple gardens and private entrepreneurs.

Sale of apples for export

The processed apples, after cleaning and sorting in compliance with current standards of Ukraine, are sent to customer to stated address. “Svitovid Trade Company” is a large and checked supplier of organic products for canning factory, plants, supermarkets in the territory of our country. All the goods are reliably natural product and have corresponding certificates of quality.

You can connect with us at the stated contact information for placing an order for large supplies of apples grown in ecologically clean lands of Ukraine.

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